Why advertise here?

This website is well established (2007)  with over 60,000 page views per annum. The growth in readership has been entirely organic based on people telling people about it.  Bring customers to your business, by displaying your advert on a page appropriate to your business. Any business related to the automotive industry can benefit from advertising here, including sales, repairs, legal, insurance, rentals, warranties and finance.

It’s affordable

We offer affordable advertising at the following rates:

  • On the right hand side of the page an advert (55 mm x 30 mm) hyperlinked back to your website.
  • We guarantee not more than 10 adverts per page. Adverts will appear live 7 days after submission.
  • Side panel ads - R225 per month
  • Wide banner at bottom of page ads – R 750 per month

Terms & Conditions - We keep things simple

  • The ads are available in 3 month blocks.
  • Minimum time frame is 3 months. (R 225 x 3)
  • The longer you advertise for, the more the rate drops.
  • Six months in advance, you get one month free.
  • Twelve months in advance,  you get 2 months free.
  • There will be an initial flat fee of R200 to do the artwork of your logo.
  • Any advertiser taking the 12 month package, we will do the artwork for free.
  • Only one strip ad (205 mm x 25 mm)  at the bottom of the page will be shown – cost R 500 per month with the same discount structure as above.
  • You can choose from the menu page which page you want to advertise on.

There are no contracts. You decide how long or when you want to stop. There are no notice periods.

  1. The Home page gets the most number of page views
  2. For adverts on the home page the tariffs are R 750 per month for the right hand columns ads (55 mm x 30 mm) and R1500 for the bottom banner space.

I like it. What happens next?

Submit your request directly to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

  1. Name of your business and invoicing address. Include your VAT number and company number if you are VAT registered. Ensure all your contact details are included plus a mobile number if possible.
  2. State the period you which to advertise and on which page ? State clearly if you want to advertise on more than one page or on the home page.
  3. Add your logo as an attachment, in the best resolution available.
  4. Once we receive your request, we will send you an invoice with our banking details. The best form of payment is per EFT which is fast, secure and efficient, but we are not hard and fast on this rule. Once your funds are cleared, your advert will appear within 48 hours (2 working days).