Every dealer nationwide will offer a short used car warranty of 30 days or 2000 kms ( whichever comes first) on any retail quality car. Cheaper vehicles are sold cash as they stand (or Voetstoots) and will carry no warranty. This is normally clearly stated on the invoice. This warranty has been around for a very long time and covers the main mechanical components only. Generally labour costs or for the customers account, although in my experience this is rarely enforced and most dealers will go far beyond the written conditions of warranty to keep a customer happy.

As car prices increased and the costs of repairing them did the same, the market place was ripe for an extended after market warranty. One of the first companies to launch a product was Wynns (an oil additive company). Part of the terms of condition, was that their oil products had to be used at every service. There were many problems and complaints in the early days. Ultimately the Wynns brand fell by the wayside. New products were introduced, of which MOTORITE WARRANTIES is perhaps the best known. Each year there are new players on the market, like AMP Warranties (supported by the IDA -Independent Dealer Association) and the newest kid on the block is an extended warranty launched and supported by MFC (Motor Finance Corporation) and underwritten by Hollard Insurance.

Extended warranties fall under the FAIS Act 37 of 2002 as they are all insurance based products and all have had to comply with the new strict laws governing these products. The warranties are not cheap any more, but the cover in many cases is excellent. Many offer additional benefits such as Road side Assist and Medical Evacuation at an accident scene.

My advice is to get a copy of each of the products you are interested in and make your comparisons. I have provided links to the various warranty products available.