My first word of advice here is to read the small print. You get policies and you get policies. Some have high excesses and low premiums, others have the opposite. There are certain things that they all have in common:

  1. Male drivers under the age of 25 are penalized heavily on premiums
  2. High performance cars carry very high premiums
  3. Your car needs a good immobilizer system to reduce premiums
  4. Older drivers and women are rewarded with lower premiums

Value Added Products:

There is wide array of insurance  based products available on the SA market.

Purchase Protection Insurance: This policy will protect the outstanding debt in the event of death or disability

Shortfall Cover: This policy will protect the buyer against the possibility in the event of an accident, that the amount paid out by the comprehensive insurance policy, does not fall short of the outstanding balance of the contract.

Mechanical Warranties: These policies protect the client against the possibility of expensive mechanical repair costs in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle.

Smash and Grab: A impregnable film applied to vehicle windows making it difficult for criminals to smash your window and grab your valuables. The tint also provides protection against the UV rays of the sun and prevents ionlookers looking into your vehicle

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