With forty years experience, the author explains the pitfalls and successes of the used car industry on this website. The contents originate from a series of radio talks given by the author in an effort to empower the car buying population.

The contents are frank, direct and deal with many highly contentious issues and covers everything from AA reports to the National Credit Act. This is not a technical site dealing with the mechanical aspect of cars, but is rather focused on the marketing and administrative side of the industry.

 By choosing your topic in the menu on the right you can quickly navigate to any specific point of buying or selling cars. The pages have been arranged in the form of Frequently Asked Questions. Find your question and the answer will appear directly below.

This site is not intended to be encyclopaedic, but it is meant to provide the average inexperienced person with sufficient knowledge to buy or sell a used car with confidence.

Some of the pages, for example those covering the National Credit Act, are merely an overview of the Act. Further research on the Act would be necessary by visiting the appropriate government department website.

Buy smart! Sell smart!