Deciding to Buy a Used Vehicle or Rent One: Tips for Success

Both used cars and rental vehicles can be an effective choice, but only in the correct situations. Renting a vehicle can be very expensive, so it is generally a poor idea if you need a vehicle long-term. That being said, rentals can be effective if you need to change vehicles frequently, or if you plan to travel over a long distance. If you happen to be travelling for business reasons, a rental may be your only option within your expense budget. Use these tips to ensure that you make the right choice each and every time.

Deciding On a Budget

Budget is usually what dictates the type of vehicle that you purchase. Although you may be surprised, purchasing a used vehicle outright can actually be more beneficial than renting if you plan to drive the vehicle for longer periods of time. A car hire will run you hundreds over the course of a month or more. If you need a larger vehicle for groups, you may find yourself paying out even more. In this case, buying a temporary used car can help you to save money, and you can always sell it off to the first buyer before you leave the area. This helps to recoup costs.

Renting to Replace a Broken Down Vehicle

If you are renting a car to act as your vehicle until you can purchase a new car, you may also want to consider buying a cheap used car to cover you until you decide what to do. Remember: you can recoup costs by reselling the used vehicle a short time later, but you'll never be able to recoup costs from a rental.

Judging What Vehicle You Require

If you happen to be travelling with groups, rentals may also be a better choice. Groups of 10 or more people will generally require a minibus hire; it simply isn't feasible for most groups to purchase a used minibus. If you are travelling to the United Kingdom, there are some excellent coach brokers available. Book well in advance, and you will likely win great savings.

On the other hand, if you just need a very basic small car to transport your family around, a used car will likely be more affordable. If you require the vehicle for two weeks or fewer, choose to rent.

Moving vans and trucks are always better rented than bought outright, as they are typically only used once or twice.

Additionally, a wide variety of other vehicles can be both rented and purchased:

● Trailers
● Cars
● Vans
● Minibuses
● RVs
● SUVs
● Trucks

When You're Ready to Buy

Once you come to a decision on what you need, it's time to seek out a used car dealership that can be trusted. If you'll be financing, be sure to seek out a dealership that is a member of the Independent Dealer Association (IDA). Always ensure that your dealer follows the Consumer Protection Act. Ask plenty of questions, as this will help you to buy the right used vehicle. Also ask if they guarantee the condition of the used vehicle with a warranty.

When You're Ready to Rent

When you're ready to rent a vehicle, you'll need to seek out a rental or hire company that provides the type of vehicle you need. Coach or bus hire companies exist in most countries, so groups should always be able to find a suitable rental. Car, truck, van, or trailer rentals can be found at most vehicle rental shops.

Before you rent your vehicle, verify warranty, insurance, and mileage costs. Most rental companies charge by the kilometre, but this is not exclusively true; some may charge a flat rate per day, week, or month.

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